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Events 2021

We’ve gone online. Well, who hasn’t, frankly?
Our next online talk and Q&A is with Sean O’Brien on Tuesday 19th January, 2021.

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Sean O’Brien

19th January 2021

Sean O’Brien is a critic, novelist, translator, playwright and broadcaster. However, it’s as a poet that he is best known, and his poetry has received numerous awards. His new collection, It Says Here, has been described as ‘masterly’ and ‘gripping’, and O’Brien himself as ‘WH Auden’s true inheritor.’

He will be reading from It Says Here, and talking about his writing life, at this live online event. It starts at 7pm, and tickets will go on sale in December.



Lynne Truss

9th February 2021

Lynne Truss describes herself as a flighty writer. She’s currently producing an award-winning series of comic crime novels set in Brighton in the 1950s (the Constable Twitten mysteries). She has also been a top columnist, critic, sportswriter and radio dramatist, as well as (accidentally) Queen of the Apostrophe with her massive bestseller, Eats, Shoots and Leaves. She’ll be talking in general about the art and craft of writing, and in particular why she has killed people with milk bottles in her latest novel.